derek's favorite webcomic roundup in no particular order

Engineering-focused geeky genre
xkcd sometimes a bit too engineery for my humanities brain, but an all time favorite
Wasted Talent - so cute!

AppleGeeks - you don't have to be an apple geek to appreciate this one - very pretty!

Megatokyo - adorable shoujo-style comedy

MacHall - discontinued, but succeeded by Three Panel Soul

The Joy of Tech - Apple/tech-centric; be sure to note the polls with every comic - prob not of interest unless you follow the tech news

video game-centric geeky genre:
VG Cats - infrequent updates but very good
Penny Arcade - the classic
Goobs - discontinued, but the artist also does Slakerz 

8-bit Theater classic sprite webcomic

sorta magicky genre
Dominic Deegan - Oracle for Hire

Kidnapped By Gnomes - So silly and cute and political

Dinosaur Comics/Quantz - what if you had the exact same artwork and only changed the text, how many comics could you make? He's closing on 1400. Kinda absurd humor.

Cyanide and Happiness - sick, absurdist humor; very clever

Ugly Hill - Dilbert in the alternate universe where everyone is a dinosaur/monster??

Wigu - just plain strange.

And aren't you glad to know that this is only a partial list of the webcomics I follow and I keep adding to this list?? Yes, I have issues, but you knew that already.

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