rambling Springfield train show post none of you care about

This model has had a funny path: it came into the Acton train store in a collection, I bought it, then swapped it with Bill for a similar model (that currently resides in my basement in pieces), then Bill sold it at the white elephant table this winter, and this dealer bought it, marked the price up $10 and is now selling it (only a $10 profit??? sheesh).
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Finally joined the Conrail Historical Society, and they had the Conrail Commodities book I'd been looking for at $10 off - yay.

I can't wait for these new Atlas models to come out:
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The GenSet loco and bulkhead flat are gonna be Trainman units too!!!
And even cooler, they're coming out with a gon cover that is PERFECT for a bunch of my steel mill cars:
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The Haul:
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Best find? hard to say, but some criminal deals like a $125 Spanish import model of the Talgo for $60 or a D&H loco half price or a beautiful custom-modified box car-wood chip gon or the practical like a nifty mini-collet for using mini drill bits in a standard drill, or the Japanese commuter coach that makes a nice stand in for the MBTA Kawasaki bi-level cars, or...

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