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Guess what I saw on the way to my model train show satruday: NECR southbound from Amherst to Palmer in pelham along Rt 9 - A real shame I had no good camera, but yay for iPhone!

Guess what I saw on the way to my model train show today; NEC... on TwitPic

Lots of paper boxcars and some lumber, tanks, misc freight. 4 sweet locos including a NECR still in blue and a Vermont Railway roundcap Geep (GP18, GP9 chopnose? couldn't see very well)

Does Vermont Rwy have GP18s or is it a chopnose GP9? on TwitPic

After that I had to see what was sitting in Palmer. There was a CSX local to the east of the diamond waiting for the diverging route but too far for my camera to capture. This duo of NECRs had jsut arrived on a short local a little while before according to a pair of railfans I ran into. I guess I beat the previous train here.

This is when I'm so glad I finally got the iphone - the camer... on TwitPic

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  1. I work in the Detroit area and there's a CSX yard in Dearborn I like to visit every now and again for pics. Tons of tracks, and it's neat to watch the CSX haulers sort thru full and empty cars for the next train run.


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