I Hate Lawns

life goal: never own a lawn

They're an environmental abomination, a horrendous waste of space, and an unfortunate legacy of our pathetic suburbanization fad. They take all sorts of time and energy to maintain, and are an aesthetic statement of power, that "american dream" manifest destiny crap ("owning one's piece of the land"), and are well, simply ugly.

I would far prefer a city apartment/condo with access to a generous public park (much more space to enjoy, more "truly natural" albeit in a still fake form, or perhaps a Co-op development with a common yard. (this would potentially be more advantageous for that/those theoretical young kid(s) i may choose to have one day who could do that running around thing while still in sight of many adults in the co-op - still, many kids have grown up in cities and came out just fine, there's no reason that a yard is a prerequisite to a good childhood, that is simply an modern American myth)

But hey, mowing the neighbor's lawns is good money in the interim...

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