Writing like an architect

heh, i know my professor would have some objections with his legibility here - looks like fun eh? tedious horendously-smudgy fun... i like the tape on the triangle trick, very handy!

[via Kottke]


  1. That plastic tool for making evenly spaced writing lines is pretty sweet. I want one.

    Beyond being uniform and legible-ish, is the idea of writing in this style somehow supposed to advertise the design or designer some way?

  2. the Ames Lettering Guide is very handy - you should borrow mine sometime.

    Yea, part of the idea is that each designer should have sort of a unique and interesting style while still being legible. A lot of designers just use computer fonts now or trace printed text now, but it is still a very handy skill to have.

  3. Pish. Computer fonts will never kill hand lettering!

  4. oh no, not replace, just supplement for people like me with shitty hand lettering.


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