Firefox - addons

I was getting fed up with firefox buginess so I did a clean instal and was amazed by how many add-ons I installed from the start:

- Xmarks (sync bookmarks between firefox adn safari and mult machines - used to be Foxmarks - I still prefer the older Google version which also synced open tabs, but it only worked for FF2... still not convince I should have upgraded to 3...)
- Cookie Safe - for all your paranoid browsing needs (I HATE adds tracking me...)
- No Script - for more paranoid-protection - handy for eliminating a lot of the annoying adds, also speeds up webbrowsing generally - I also just have a general dislike of scripts online...
- download statusbar - I hate the download window (same for Safari's...)
- fast video download - for youtube
- download embedded - for not youtube
- Mouse Gestures Redox - I want Mouse Gestures to be an OS-wide UI paradigm, but so far this is the only place I can use them...
- PageStyle2Tab - makes it really easy to navigate dozens of open tabs
- Popup Alt Atribute - for reading xkcd...
- smart midle click - seriously, this shouldn't even be necessary...
- tab mix plus - should be included in the base firefox install...
- tab url copier - handy for keeping track of a bunch of open tabs for later

man, Firefox really sucks in it's default condition...

GRIPE: screwy preference/update windows that stay in from when Firefox isn't the selected app - EPIC FAIL

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