Stuck in the hospital...

Yeah, so this morning around 4 or 5 I woke up with blood in my mouth. The wound from my surgery had started bleeding again.

(backstory: had my tosnils out and deviated septum fixed almost two weeks back to fix my sleep apnea. I seemed to be recovering well and decided to come on my friend anual camping trip - this year to Savoy national park in western MA. I took it easy, got some pretty pictures, etc.)

But apparenrtly it was a mistake to come :-(

So now I'm stuck in the north Adams hospital with nothing to do feeling perfectly f ine but they want to keep me for observation. Luckily I do have my iPhone and wifi access so I can enterntain myself reasonably well I guess. Mom's on her way out with Sophie - they're gonna be so bored. Meh.

I feel so bad for making johnathan drive me here ^_^

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