initial impressions of the Wacom Intuos3 pen tablet

Dude this thing rocks! Okay, more seriously, it is a very strange feeling interface that I'm definitely going to need some getting used to, but it already feels quite fluid and powerful. The biggest challenge is traditional navigation with small button targets - in the distance from hovering the pen to tapping to click I often miss but this has gotten better with practice already. There are ways in which a mouse is preferable, but even just for general computing there are many ways in which a pen tablet is faster and more intuitive (It is excellent for mouse gesture controls for example). I do miss having the 5 buttons of my mouse though.

Little design details of the Intuos3: I can definitely see ways that the Intuos4 is better than the 3 in simple little details. The long usb cable is not detachable for example and there's no way for me to replace it with a shorter, more portable one. The overall tablet is much larger than the actual writing surface, which is an unfortunate detail of only the smallest size. Despite being the smallest size of the Intuos line though, I am perfectly fine and could even see using a slightly smaller surface - I have to move my arm more than I normally do when mousing.

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