my first attempt at a webcomic

This is very much a rough draft, but I wanted to try out some ideas and see how it went. (note: I do plan on keeping the final art style more or less the same as it is now - I like the 'sketchy' style of it) It's not even a joke that I find all that hilarious, but it was simple to draw and seemed like a good one to start with. I still need to set up a webpage, make some final style decisions, oh, right, and decide on a title! (the fall back: "This must be what going mad feels like"? I haven't thought of any good architecture puns yet...)
(sorry, but my blog formatting cuts off the side of the comic - click on it to read it properly - clearly I have some work to do...)
should i make it more 'blueprinty'??
Is the frame working for you? How should I do multi-panel comics framing? I'm also considering using a wall and floor cross-section as the frame - but most true blueprints have very plain wall cross-sections that are harder to read as a 'blueprint wall'

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  1. You're gonna make people using 800x600 scroll horizontally. I'd actually stick to 700 to _max_ 750px horizontal because then, assuming most people will be viewing your site at 1024x768, you'll have horizontal room in your layout and it wont make Google Reader scroll either. With this kind of comic, scrolling will detract from its simplicity. (Keep in mind my design sense is still firmly grounded in 1998 before taking my advice.)

    I like it! I like the way you are doing it in a blueprinty style, although I didn't realize it at first. Gives your comic its own image but it's not going to alienate people who don't know anything about tech drawing (me!).


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