a peak at some webcomic-related ideas I'm working on

Idea: I want to do something in my landscape architecture sketching style (this) largely inspired by the concept of The System - after all, doesn't the world need an architectural sketchy style comic? (problem: I hate and suck at drawing people... that's a major issue)

Idea: I have a bunch of ideas for comedic shorts based on my life - observational humor - I ghost-wrote a few of these back in my high school newspaper editor days and had friends draw them (I wish Nina had the time to do any art - she would be a great partner...)

Idea: would love to collaborate with Sophie on something - I do already want to help her with her existing art ventures as much as i can with websites, etc - but she already has way too many projects right now and probably won't want to devote much time to anything like this

Concern: I feel pretentious putting out something and saying 'look world, it's my webcomic, isn't it awesome?' - I want to approach this more like my photography, very much as an amateur with minimal aspirations because I have other priorities in life - but at the same time, I don't want to shortchange this project(s) by not putting enough time into them (do I want to worry about regular updates? etc) - plus there's the whole cliche nature of starting a webcomic now... ^_~

Concern: this is the last time I should even be considering any of this since I am about to start a new semester and already am behind on a lot of other work... then again, that seems to always be when I pick up new interesting projects and hobbies

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  1. You could use stencil-people. (Drafting has stencils for everything, I'm sure you could find some appropriately stereotyped people.
    Failing that, public domain Victorian line drawings?


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