the xkcd sucks blog and my response

While I do agree with a lot of the points the author makes, I still enjoy xkcd and feel that it is as fresh and original as any other comic. Which is to say that sure it has a level of predictability, but I have yet to see a comic that doesn't in one form or another. I think this is almost as much to do with personal tastes as anything else - the author and many of it's followers point to comics like the DInosaur Comics, which is a decent comic with an amazing premise but I find far more predictable and over-rated than xkcd (each strip of Dinosaur Comics uses the exact same artwork with only different text - a very fun idea that has worked remarkably-well). I feel that all the criticisms they level against xkcd apply equally to Dinosaur Comics and Achewood, the other strips they mention that I'm familiar with. I don't see anything wrong with this though - every artist has a style that they fall into. This is both a strength (they become experts in their given styles) and a challenge (originality and creativity).

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