Mouse Gesture App for Mac

As you may already have the misfortune of knowing, I am a huge mouse gesture geek. Mouse gestures are the mouse equivalent to keyboard shortcuts, enabled by drawing different shapes with the mouse cursor. Opera has them built in, and Firefox has the Mouse Gestures Redox plug in to enable gestures in those specific apps. Previously I wrote about my love for CocoaSuite, which worked in all Mac Cocoa apps, but it no longer works in 64 bit Snow Leopard apps and has been abandoned by the developer. Which leads to my newly-discovered love - X-Gestures! (only $5 and written by a Hampshire alum no less ^_^) It is a little awkward to configure at first, but has incredible configurability and flexibility. If you are a Mac mouser go download it NOW! (if you're a keyboarder check out Butler and Quicksilver)

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