I'm a bit slow in posting this - just getting to it in my to read "pile" now.

10/GUI from C. Miller on Vimeo.

Interesting concept, and I really like a number of the concepts. I have to say though, that I'm not a fan of their desktop layout paradigm - I prefer the "cluttered" desktop we currently have specifically because it's not arbitrary like they claim. I have a very consistent and logical (to me anyways...) arrangement of my windows that allows me to monitor multiple tasks at a time without having to change window focus, I simply need to glance to the appropriate location of the screen to know the status of background apps like IM, music, file transfers, etc. Additionally, there are many tasks I perform where it's far more efficient to keep two apps or windows open side by side as I keep switching between them - 10/gui allows for this, but only side by side, not allowing for alternative app UI arrangements like two windows above each other, or one primary app to a side and several smaller ones above each other. Such layouts are vital to things like web design, or even simply link-blogging. While many people don't function this way and prefer the single task at a time maximized window approach, I think it's absurd to limit the system to such a restrictive paradigm. One possibility is increased screen real estate or multiple monitors (primary monitor in front, secondary widget/status monitor below), but this is still far less flexible.

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