long time no blog - random updates on my life

So life has continued to be interesting and busy, resulting in a sad neglect of my internets. Nothing terribly vital to note, just some continual flooding of my appartment, the usual frustrations of the job and appartment searching, and struggles with the incomplete. Been making painfully-slow but very significant progress on the medical fronts, exploring teh genderses some more, and been having a blast meeting new people at several cons and nerdly events of awesome.

I've been spending some time trying to decide what I want to do with my various sites - for now I've settled on migrating the blogs/photojournal to wordpress hosted on A Small Orange, with a static Rapidweaver page for my base landing page. I'm very tempted to use Squarespace, but I can only have one base-level domain per account, meaning I'd have to have everything redirect to subdomains (and meaning that nothing could be isolated off...). The nice thing is Wordpress has lots of available plug ins and themes, the problem is that I have to learn enough CSS to muck my way through making them look/work the way I want, and my photojournal is proof that I'm not very good at that... Oh how I look forward to the day i can hire a professional webdev...

(Oh, and I haven't forgotten acunninghat.com, I just haven't gotten around to uploading my recent photos - there were a couple weeks where my Aperture library was out of commission during the migration to my clean OS X install...)

Once I muck my way through the Wordpress/Comicpress enough that I feel the site is presentable I'll start posting my webcomic ^_^ - it will invariably be highly irregular in updating and experimental in style/format, but I can't wait to get it out there (and spend more time experimenting with my drawing).

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