a look at my life right now

My master to-do list:

GET HEALTHIER - take care of self - get healthy derek back
((gender identity?? feh...))

$$$ - find new job, don't starve
-Apartment w/ friends summer/next year
-Apartment for last month of spring sem.

Current Classwork - don't fail!!

-do the shit
-talk to profs, fill out forms, petition peoples

Plan rest of Undergrad - classes next sem - summer class? - urban planning major vs 5 College Arch - dual-major or single?? - talk to Thom - ((grad school??)) - $$ - GPA, credits

work way into 'real world' design
-'online persona' - fix webpages!!
-network that shit up! (Architizer, Arc5, 5-collge profs, etc)
-Boston Design Museum!?!?!?!
-portfolio/freelancing/just make stuff

personal projects
-acunninghat --> WordPress/ComicPress, update
-webcomic --> WP/CP, Draw!!1!
-traingeek.com --> WP, sort/clean up tags, de-suckify
-photography --> beyond Flickr?, shoot more, stock photos??, library management, 35mm stuff

all that other random stuff - pile o books - train magazine stack - computer projects - anime list - cosplays - model trains - pwn n00bs - procrastinate - etc - etc

be awesome

steal His-Jobsiness's soul --> take over the world

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