whelp, I've moved, again

and may be moving in a few weeks yet again...

thoughts on my new apartment
-good: has windows!!1! place itself is halfway decent and not all ghetto and breaking housing codes. doesn't flood out constantly. fairly-priced. no crazy landlord drama (I hope??). no pot smoke drifting into your room. no crazy screaming from the landlords over your head as you try to sleep (I never thought I'd consider the Mary Lyon dorms to have good sound-insulation...). i seem to get along well with my new roommate.

-bad: walls are even thinner!! Did not think it was actually possible to make a building so that when the neighbors open their door it sounds like someone's opening your front door! Can make out distinct words from the neighbors chatting at conversation volume upstairs. hot water is a precious commodity (15-20 minutes max). I've seen messier rooms as an RA than here, but not by much... anything you take out of the fridge retains the fridge perfume permanently and I don't know what the living room floor looks like - but my rooms nice at least! the internet is... problematic... and of course I have to drive or bus to campus since is a town away in the sticks. (Sunderland is a weird town - it's all farms and apartment complexes for students commuting from UMass)

so yea, I'm loving my new place! (not actually being sarcastic there)

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