A Verizon Reality Check

by Marco - YES. Everyone keeps bitching about how much they hate AT&T and want to have the iPhone on Verizon, but Verizon sucks just as hard, only in different ways. I lost count of the number of calls that never rang through and don't even show up as missed calls when sitting in full-reception places within my first month of service. I want the iPhone on Verizon because my family is on VZW and I can't afford ATT on my own, but I would switch to ATT in a second if it was cheaper because I know it will be no worse really. (SPrint and T-Mobile don't even count as cellular carriers - they don't even have service 1 mile from UMass campus - they only exist as real cellular carriers for people in super-dense cities or people trying to pretend that there's competition in the us cell market.)(And Verizon DSL still owes me $104!!!)


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