2010-11-03 Northampton Meadows LandArch Project

We did a one week overview study of the Ward 3 neighborhood of Northampton, MA as part of an ongoing open spaces assessment and revitalization proposal with the community. These are some photos from my site tour of "The Meadows" that came out nicer than just a simple reference snap. (And show off the quality of the iPhone 4's camera!)

2010-11-3 LSS Ward 3 Meadows  353

2010-11-3 LSS Ward 3 Meadows  087

2010-11-3 LSS Ward 3 Meadows  281
This is the only one I did any post processing besides simple cropping - I tweaked the colors slightly.

2010-11-04 Landscape Architecture and City Planning Project Snapshot
I decided to procrastinate during this INTENSE project to snap a random process shot. This is when I'm trying to organize my thoughts into some vaguely-cohesive presentation of my findings. (Just barely out of frame is the DISASTER zone I call our living room.)
Full Set

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