confidence is an illusion

I came to this view of because people insist on viewing my various behaviors through the framework of confidence. When I have a realistic view of my ability to do some particular task well, I am labeled confident, as opposed to simply accurate. When I predict that I would be below average at some particular task, based on years of knowing myself, I am labeled unconfident when in fact I am simply right or wrong. Where does confidence come in?

I would extend this to optimism/pessimism - I hate those terms. They're both... useless.


  1. Read the comments. There are some good arguments for the existence of confidence.

  2. Yea, and I still agree with him, have for years but never known quite why. Self-awareness, solid self-esteme - trust in yourself and your abilities, those are vital. But confidence is... dumb. It only ever makes me feel worse in the end. I want to know my abilities and trust in my self-awareness. If I'm good at something, then I'm good at it, if not then I'm not. That is comforting. "Confidence" as commonly used is... aggravating and counter-productive.


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